"KINDLE MIND" AIMS TO PRESENT 'YOU' WITH YOUR 'BEST VERSION' by incorporating permanent positive changes at your subconscious level which empowers you to take massive actions resulting in colossal SUCCESS. We kindle the light of success by empowering you with Infinite Positive Energy through well researched proven methodologies. We put a check on limiting and conflicting beliefs, a major roadblock in the path of success. THE BHAGAVAD GITA SAYS - A MAN IS MADE BY HIS BELIEF. AS HE BELIEVES, SO HE IS".


Our programs help you in your Self Discovery. Whatever you are today is a result of all the decisions you've taken either consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, you must take the onus for all the results & output. Eminent Neuroscientists say that more than 90% OF OUR LIFE COMES FROM THE PROGRAMS THAT ARE STORED IN OUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AND MERELY 10% OR EVEN LESSER COMES FROM THE CONSCIOUS MIND. Imagine your conscious mind (less than 10%) fighting with your huge subconscious mind (more than 90%). Your subconscious mind wins !! And, you trying to achieve something important in your life fail despite your best efforts. Hence, it becomes incumbent on us to align our conscious mind with the subconscious and reprogram some of its processes that are not serving us in our life's vision & goals.


Our conscious mind is innovative & creative. It is aware of its surroundings and responds to it deliberately & intentionally. Our mind is flooded with millions of information every second in the form of energy & vibration through our senses. It gets information on what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste. Our conscious mind cannot process this huge amount of data and passes on the non-essential data to the subconscious mind that deletes, distorts and generalises the information based on its filters like values, beliefs, habits, etc. We've got the mental activities going on throughout the day & night as it is a natural process and we're not doing it intentionally whereas thinking is a conscious effort. The conscious mind has the power to either accept or reject any idea or thought which originates in our mind. 


Our subconscious mind is a massive data storage device storing all our memories, experiences and its processes. It stores feeling, perceptions, thoughts, desires, habits, interests, memories, motivations and many more probably which we are unaware. It also stores few programs & processes of our ancestors passed on to us genetically and of course the programs we develop in our childhood through our interactions with the environment & the surrounding that include our parents, relatives, teachers, friends, and other animate & inanimate things.


Our conscious mind has the power and ability to retrieve information from the subconscious, however, our subconscious mind auto-suggest the ways to perform any task based on its prerecorded programs. The conscious mind determines the actions, the unconscious mind determines the reactions based on its filters. The reactions of subconscious result in our actions and behavior. The subconscious mind doesn’t have the ability to reject any information. It accepts anything we offer to them and it cannot differentiate between what’s real and what’s imagined. So, we can build pictures in our conscious mind, direct them to the subconscious mind and those images then are expressed with and through our body in the form of vibration. The body moves into action and produces results. When you direct any picture or an idea to the subconscious mind, ensure that you get emotionally involved in it to make it more powerful and efficient. Now, we’ve all kinds of people who generate ideas, get emotionally involved, but the result doesn’t manifest despite being positive towards the idea. So, where are these people getting wrong?? You must be aware that our behavior is an external expression of what is going on inside us. Now, here is the paradox. You can be thinking something very positive, you can see something good happening but you’re getting bad results!! There is nothing wrong with you but your subconscious mind is programmed and it requires few changes; meaning, reprogramming of few processes which are acting as a hurdle in the path of your success. 

You may have witnessed many people struggling in their life despite having sound academic background, however, there are people with ordinary educational background making fortunes. And, this is the fact of life. We, through our comprehensive studies, research, and proven methodologies, will be passing on the mind management tools to create an efficient and sustainable change within you. Attending our workshops empower you in reprogramming your mind, designing your thinking, overcoming negative thinking patterns, mastering difficult emotions, managing your stress, anxiety & fear, changing your limiting and self destructive attitudes, improving emotional intelligence, setting & achieving goals, embracing and reinforcing positive change, shifting your focus from being a victim to a feeling of control. Our Workshops and One On One Personalised Sessions elevate you in seeing, hearing and feeling the success within you. "KINDLE MIND" ENABLES YOU IN LEADING A HAPPY & FULFILLING LIFE. 


How WE Help You..

Self Discovery & Success Programme

Our workshop on 'Self-Discovery & Success' is uniquely devised to empower you with the life skills and the mind management tools which help you in designing your thinking, improving your emotional intelligence and healing the energy blockages that limits you from moving forward in life. "Kindle Mind" aims to present 'You' with Your 'Best Version' by incorporating permanent positive changes within you. You may have tried various change processes and self-help methods based on insights, reason, will power, positive thinking and motivation with limited and temporary results. This workshop will help you putting in new programs (like a new software in a computer system) in your subconscious mind and align it with your conscious mind to have an incredible success in life. Whatever you are today is the result of all the decisions you have taken either consciously or unconsciously. Your present is the result of the vibration you've projected for a longer period of time. We empower you to shift your vibration and channelise it in the right direction. We equip you with the techniques to improve on the unconscious or the subconscious actions that may have undermined your potential and brought misfortune and bad luck to your life.


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Timing: 10 AM to 6 PM


We accept payments either online or through cheque/ DD made in favor of "INTELEAD EDUCATION SERVICES LLP" payable at PUNE, INDIA. 

We do not accept cash and you must not entertain anyone asking for the same on our behalf.


Disclaimer: All the programmes are based on the assumption that you've all the inherent powers within you to change any aspect of your life. You're willing to transform the status quo of your life and hereby pledge to take the full responsibility of making the necessary changes. KINDLE MIND with its mentors & coaches believe in empowering you with the mind management tools you require to make the lasting change in your life. KINDLE MIND (An Initiative of INTELEAD EDUCATION SERVICES LLP) and its owners/promoters are not liable for any damages/injury financial or otherwise or whatsoever, including without limitation, damages or injury caused by any performance, failure of performance, error or omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation, theft or destruction, alteration of, use of information, whether resulting, in whole or in part, from control of KINDLE MIND.​ The fee once paid is non-refundable, however, if any enrolled candidate(s) misses the programme(s)/ session(s) because of any unforeseen cause/reason(s), the management at its discretion may accommodate the candidate(s) in the up-coming sessions. In case of an unforeseen contingency where the company is unable to organise the programme(s)/ session(s) scheduled on specific date(s), the company shall inform to all the enrolled candidate(s) at least 24 hour in advance of the scheduled programme/ session either through email/ telephone and offer at least two future dates on which the same programme shall be organized and the candidate(s) can attend either of them as per their convenience.